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New Orthodox Community in Philippines

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By the Grace of God the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and South East Asia established a new Orthodox Community in Davao, Philippines. The Orthodox Community of Saint Isidore of Chios in San Guillermo,Davao.

On Monday, December 17,2012, Metropolitan Nektarios of Hong Kong visited San Guillermo and chrismated 71 catechumens. Among them were some catechumens from Lake Cebu and Kisulan. The Service of Chrismation was held at the new Church of Saint Isidore of Chios, which is being build by the members of the newly created Orthodox Community.

On Tuesday, December 18, Metropolitan Nektarios traveled to Manila where he visited the Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral and had several working meetings.

Source: Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and South East Asia

More pictures can be found here. Other recent photo stories from the Philippines can be found here and here.


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Western Rite News from 2010

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What follows is a collection of news from the Orthodox Christian West blog, roughly covering the last year, and from the Forward in Orthodox Faith blog, covering the last couple of months. For a number of news items, I have found further information elsewhere, for which links have been provided below.

Picture is of Heiromonk Aiden Keller, Western Rite Priest at Holy Protection Orthodox Church (ROCOR), Austin, Texas.

From Orthodox Christian West


Father Joshua, with the patronal blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Hilarion has received notice that a donation of 48 acres of high desert land located at the foot of the Mazano Mountains (a spur of the Rocky Mountains) due East of Belen, New Mexico has been donated for an Orthodox Western Rite Christian Heremitage.

Furthermore, this project has elicited a pledge of between 30,000 to 50,000 cement blocks along with the donated services of a world-class architect! God bless all who have come forward to help this hermitage to come into existence! Glory to God!

Further information, along with an intriguing and cheap(er) way to build chapels and churches: Oremus


Wednesday 10th November 2010: His Eminence Archbishop Hilarion has received ten former Continuing Anglican Parishes into ROCOR and blessed them to the Western Rite. These parishes and their eighteen clergy bring to seventeen, the number of ROCOR Western Rite institutions in North America (with three more soon to come) and twenty-three Western Rite clergy. The former Continuing Anglican parishes had, for some time been calling themselves Orthodox as they studied the Faith. Their former married bishops are being Ordained as Priests and will function as Archpriests.

Further information: All of Creation Rejoices
Also, the group’s website: The Fraternity of St. Gregory the Great


Saturday 6th November 2010: The Divine Liturgy of the Western Rite (English Liturgy from the Saint Colman Prayer Book) was celebrated at St. Magnus the Martyr church in central London at 11.00 am. It was be followed by a meeting where those clergy and laity interested in Orthodoxy explored the option of Western Rite Orthodoxy. About two dozen were present and from that it is thought two new missions will arise.


Wednesday 7th July 2010: We welcome Saint Thomas mission as a new Western Rite mission of Saint Petroc Monastery. With over a hundred people led by Fr. Janel, we wish this mission the utmost success.


Friday 2nd July 2010: We welcome the new Western Rite ROCOR mission of Saint Anastasia in Davao City in the Philippines. The mission is led by Chrysostom Canezal, and is planning to acquire a house in Davao City for use as the Saint Anastasia Orthodox Centre.


Wednesday 10th March 2010: Philip Pughe-Morgan will chair a meeting of the Saint Nectan Branch of the Saint Eanswythe Mission on Wednesday the 24th of March at 7pm at the South Molton Methodist church hall.


Wednesday 10th March 2010: His Eminence, Metropolitan Hilarion, Primate of ROCOR has issued a proclamation, naming Fr. David (Pierce) of Holyrood Hermitage as Abbot of the Monastery of the Holy Dormition of Our Lady of Mount Royal. The proclamation names Abbot Augustine (Whitfield) as the Abbot Emeritus. Abbot Augustine remains in hospital under ongoing care. Mount Royal was originally received into Orthodoxy in 1962 by Bishop Dositheus.

Further news: Dom Augustine reposed in the Lord on July 4, 2010.


A new West Country branch of the Saint Eanswythe (Western Rite) Mission in England has been formed. Named Saint Nectan for the local fourth century hermit, the branch which covers the Swimbridge, South Molton and Barnstaple area is strictly a study society at the moment – with Mattins of a Sunday morning.

More information about the St. Nectan mission can be found at their website, here.


Agreement has been reached for the Western Rite to be celebrated in the ROCOR cathedral in London on a regular basis, with the lower church as its home.


Metropolitan Hilarion has given verbal permission for the Saint Eanswythe Orthodox Study Society in Bournemouth to become a mission.

More information about St. Eanswythe Mission can be found at their website, here.


FRIDAY the 13th of November. Bishop Jerome reports that the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia has decided that all Western Rite throughout the world shall henceforth come under the direct control of Metropolitan Hilarion.

From Forward in Orthodox Faith:
January 11th 2011: From a recent statement by Fr. Michael:

From discussions recently, we understand that the Moscow Patriarchate may be seeing our Western Rite Missions here in England as the first tiny beginnings of a resurgent British Orthodox Church – a western Orthodoxy spread throughout the British Isles and beyond to Europe. That is certainly my hope.

We are not Russians nor Greeks and we do not try to squeeze our people into these foreign national ideas. We are English, Scots, Welsh, Irish – not middle easterners. We have a perfectly viable culture which grew from our Christian beginnings in AD 37. We have a long Orthodox liturgical history and our Christian culture pre-dates that of any currently Orthodox nation. We can build on that – even a thousand years of enforced heresy cannot obliterate our heritage.

For literally a thousand years our ancestors managed to hold a fully Orthodox faith – and develop Liturgy within our culture which expressed that theology – the Western Rite. Here in the British Isles, we developed the Liturgy of Saint John the Divine (the Stowe Missal) which we have in full today. The Liturgy of Saint John the Divine developed into the basis of the Sarum Liturgy – which in turn developed into the Liturgy of 1549. We use both Sarum and a 1549/Sarum derivative as blessed by our Church.

So I ask people to financially and otherwise support our work as we start our first small missions – as Saint Aristibule did in England in AD 37 – missions in north Devon (Saint Nectan) Dorset (Saint Eanswythe) and Holland (Saint Swithbert).

Pray for Fr Gregory (who needs a secular job urgently) and for me (who needs accommodation urgently) as we start this work. Pray for clergy to volunteer and pray for funds to support us.

January 1st 2011: Anglicans in America interested in joining the Orthodox Church as Western Riters may also contact Bishop Jerome at vrevjrs (at) if they wish.

December 16th: Saint Petroc Monastery, through its Saint George Hermitage has launched “Monastery Made” Vestments – dedicated to making quality vestments at lower cost. Monastery Made does not use man-made fabrics, but seeks out lower cost natural material. It can be found on line at

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