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The Way: A New Introductory Course to Orthodox Christianity

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I saw yesterday that there is a new interview on Ancient Faith Radio. As their blurb puts it:

Bobby Maddex interviews David and Mangala Frost of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies (IOCS) about a new IOCS Orthodox evangelism tool called The Way, now available in the United States exclusively through Conciliar Press.

Modelled after the popular Evangelical Alpha Course, but from an Orthodox perspective, and with some modifications, it looks like The Way seeks to provide a place where anyone looking to learn more about Orthodoxy — whether inquirers or faithful seeking to understand their faith better — can freely discuss, question, and learn about the Faith. It has just launched in North America, and is apparently also already being translated into several other langauges for use throughout Eastern Europe. The interview is 34 minutes long. Do check it out here, and see what you think.


Written by Stephen

May 19, 2011 at 7:44 pm

Posted in America, Interview, Podcasts

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