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Fr. Gregoire LeGoute (left) & Fr. Jean Dumais (right)

I was recently reminded of the Haiti Orthodox Family Relief program and website, for the ROCOR branch of the Haitian church. Besides being a worthy cause, helping the Church and parishioners rebuild after the earthquake, the website seems to be regularly updated with church news. I recommend browsing the site.

A report, One Year Later, on the Church’s relief efforts can be found here.

The general idea is to sponsor an Orthodox family for US$100 per month for a year. Both parishes and individuals can do this.

As per their website:

The Haiti Orthodox Family Relief (HOFR) program enables Orthodox parishes from around the world to provide direct financial support to Haitian Orthodox families. In cooperation with the Fund for Assistance of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR), the program provides direct cash support to Orthodox Readers and families.

Direct financial support is recognized as one of the most effective forms of assistance and is widely recommended by international donors and NGO relief agencies.

General expenses of the HOFR program are paid by the ROCOR Mission in Haiti and the Fund for Assistance. This means the HOFR program delivers 100% of the money raised by Parishes and individuals directly and securely to recipients. Every dollar of Parish support raised through HOFR translates into a dollar of live-saving food, water, shelter or medical care placed directly into the hands of a Haitian Orthodox family.

Those in most dire need are identified by the program’s two priests in Haiti; Fr. Jean Dumais and Fr. Gregoire Legoute, who serve seven Orthodox parishes throughout the country. First priority is given to families without shelter, and to those with infants and small children.

A basic commitment of $100 per month for one year is sought for each sponsored family. For individuals or parishes that are able, a basic commitment of $300 per month for one year will support an Orthodox Reader. These pre-seminarian Readers are at the very core of the Orthodox Faith in Haiti and their tireless service to the Church throughout the county is a vital source of its strength and growth.

All donations to the HOFR program are fully tax deductible and administered by the Fund For Assistance (FFA), a U.S. registered non-profit organization ( Donations can be made by lump sum check made out to Haiti Orthodox Family Relief or donor accounts can automatically debited by the FFA each month. Each month one bulk wire transfer is made by the FFA to the Mission’s bank in Haiti.

To ensure transparency and security, all funding in Haiti is handled through electronic bank transfers. Individual bank accounts are established for recipients, which are automatically credited monthly from the proceeds of the FFA’s wire. Orthodox Priests monitor all participants to ensure that program assistance objectives are being met.

To participate immediately please complete the enclosed Participant Form and one of the three Commitment Letters that corresponds to your donation type. For additional information on Haiti Orthodox Family Relief please call (305) 448-7087 or write

Please do keep the Haitian Orthodox Church in your prayers, and if you could, perhaps this would be a worthy cause to donate to this Lenten season.


Written by Stephen

February 27, 2011 at 9:28 pm

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