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Please Support the Mission to Sierra Leone

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Τhe video that we are presenting here is a shocking documentary about the horrors of the civil war that has plagued the African country of Sierra Leone for 12 years, making it the poorest country in the entire world.

Within this turmoil, the Orthodox Mission has embarked on its own activities, with Archmandrite Fr. Themistocles Adamopoulos in charge, opening up a brighter horizon of faith, hope and love. With his sacrificial love, this Missionary is offering everything possible by way of material needs, and at the same time offers everything he can from a spiritual aspect – in other words: Christ!

It is our duty as Christians to support this significant endeavor, in every possible manner – both material and spiritual.

And also:

In an earlier post I wrote about Orthodox missionary Fr. Themi titled, Fr. Themi: The Atheist Rocker Who Became an Orthodox Priest and Missionary In Africa . In that post I also mentioned the successful Orthodox mission to Sierra Leone which is lead by Fr. Themi. I want to remind my readers during this holy lenten season to support Orthodox missions.

I have been informed that Fr. Themi is seeking supporters for his mission both in the United States and worldwide. This can be done by sponsoring $10 a month (or more) by going to and clicking on the “Ezi Donate & Sponsor Worldwide” link. There you can sign up with your Credit Card. All funds are in AUD (Australian Dollars) so $10 is $8 to $9 USD (United States Dollars). So far in the US they receive $170 a month; more is needed to make this mission even more successful. All donations go to the charity, all workers are volunteers, and no one gets remunerated in any format.

At the website, one can read more about this important ministry to the orphans of Sierra Leone, where your money is going, and sign up for the free newsletter. I also encourage everyone to check the various videos on Youtube at the website

Please pass along this information.

Source: Mystagogy, from here and here.


Written by Stephen

March 12, 2010 at 7:33 pm

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