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Dear Readers,

My brother Ian has terminal cancer. He has had cancer for about a year and a half. A week ago, as the chemo hasn’t been as effective as we’d have liked, and the cancer is a very rare and stubborn sort, Ian decided to cease doing chemo and let God’s will be done, be that falling asleep or a miraculous healing.

I don’t know how long Ian has to live on earth–whether it is a few weeks, or a few months. Given the uncertainty, and because it is soon Chinese New Year, which is a chance for the whole family to be together (my parents and brothers live in Taiwan, I’m in Canada, and my sister is currently in Singapore), I am planning on returning home next week. I plan to be there until June, or later, if Ian lives that long.

This means that blogging will likely be sporadic over the next weeks and months.

I would also ask your prayers for my brother Ian, myself, my parents David and Ruth, and my other siblings Sarah, Peter, and John.

Thank you.


Written by Stephen

February 2, 2010 at 2:31 am

Posted in Personal

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