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St. Timothy of the Seventy

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Commemorated January 22

Timothy was one of the Seventy Apostles. He was born in Lystra in Lycaonia of a Greek father and a Jewish mother. The Apostle Paul praised his mother and grandmother because of their sincere faith. ” I yearn to see you again, recalling your tears, so that I may be filled with joy, as I recall your sincere faith that first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and that, I am confident, lives also in you” (II Timothy 1: 4-5). Timothy first met with the great apostle in Lystra and was himself a witness when Paul healed the one lame from birth. Later, Timothy was an almost constant traveling companion of Paul, traveling with him to Achaia, Macedonia, Italy and Spain. Sweet in soul, he was a great zealot for the Faith, and a superb preacher. Timothy contributed much to the spreading and establishing of the Christian Faith. Paul calls him “my own son in the faith.” “Paul an apostle of Christ Jesus, Who is our hope, to Timothy, my own son in the Faith: grace, mercy and peace from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord” (I Timothy 1: 1-2). After Paul’s martyrdom, Timothy had St. John the Evangelist as his teacher. But when the Emperor Domentian banished John from Ephesus to the island of Patmos, Timothy remained in Ephesus to serve as bishop. During the time of an idolatrous feast called Katagogium, the pagans, resentful of the Christians, treacherously and in disguise, attacked Timothy and killed him about the year 93 A.D. Later his honorable relics were translated to Constantinople and interred in the Church of the Twelve Apostles along side of the grave of St. Luke the Evangelist and St. Andrew the First-called.

A Hymn for St. Timothy:

Holy Apostles warmed by the Spirit,
Spiritual athletes, illumined by the Spirit,
By the victory of Christ, they conquered the world,
They conquered the world and established the Church.
As giant eagles, they flew mightily,
In torment and in death, they raced bravely;
From the world, they easily departed,
From Christ, they were never able to separate.
Their love for Christ separated them from everything,
Their love for Christ glorified them for all ages.
They were ridiculed at times, by worldly tyrants,
Now, they are crowned with the glow of eternal day:
Ridiculed at times, by worldly sages,
And now, brothers of angels and leaders of the saints!
Pray for us, O eagles of Christ,
So that Christ may restore us sinners with the Spirit.
Saint Timothy, star among stars,
Help even us by your prayers.

Source: The Prologue of Ohrid


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January 22, 2010 at 11:47 am

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