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ThongkhamJune 21, 2009

With the blessing of His Eminence KIRILL, the Most Holy Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, the servant of God Anthony (Thongkham) Phiaxayavong, citizen of Laos Republic, converted to Orthodoxy from Catholicism and performing work of obedience in St. Nicholas’ parish in Bangkok, was appointed to be sent to Sretenskaya Theological Seminary (Moscow, Russia) for education.

Upon receiving news on his educational assignment, Anthony (Thongkham) Phiaxayavong expressed his profound gratitude and appreciation to His Eminence, who always considers the needs of his remote parishioners in South-East Asia.

Since his convertion into Orthodoxy and while waiting for Church Hierarchy’s blessing upon his future, Anthony (Thongkham) Phiaxayavong studied at preparatory courses arranged at St. Nicholas Chapel in Bangkok, among with catechism and other religious subjects, the English language, Russian history and the Russian language as well.

Source: Orthodox Christian Church in Thailand
For more about Anthony (Thongkham) Phiaxayavong, see here. (Just scroll down to April 05, 2009.)


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September 18, 2009 at 4:43 pm

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